Friday, January 30, 2009

Sea Trinkets

I hadn't sat down at the torch to make any bead sets in quite some time. I got a custom order for a couple from one of my special customers and I got in that set "mode". So I did this additional set which is in my Etsy store. This is Silver Cinnamon, Silver Rattan, Dark Ivory, Nyx and Olympia Rain. A favorite color combination of mine.


  1. Oooohhhh! Pretty, pretty. I love the colors, especially Olympia Rain. That has special meaning to me because Olympia is our state capital (Washington) and we get a lot of rain up here!

    I just took a creamed cabbage casserole out of the oven and the paprika on the top, with the cream bubbling through, makes such a cool marbled pattern. If only I could make a bead that looks like that. I'd call it Paprika Cream! *g*

  2. A creamed cabbage casserole sounds yummy!

  3. Very pretty! I'll have to try that Silver Rattan...

  4. Thanks Jinx! I love all the ASK browns. They are nice rich colors that react with ivory. Unfortunately you can't find them under the original ASK name any more. You have to buy the Kugler version which many of us are a bit leary about because of possible compatibility problems.


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