Sunday, January 11, 2009


I actually did some stamping today! I needed to make some ATC's for a Valentines swap for RSC. I can't show you that because it would ruin the swap for anyone in it reading this. I'll show it in a couple of weeks. When I finished the ATC's I was still in the mood to do a little vintage stamping so I made this Valentine card. Goodness I'm in desparate need of some new craft supplies. My gold metallic pen that I wanted to use to edge the ivory paper with was dried out. I still can't find my heat gun so no embossing for me. I couldn't find any double stick tape either. I found five bottles of Elmer's glue (ick) and two glue sticks (not gonna work) so I had to improvise to put this card together. Good thing I was able to find my hole punch! A quick punch through each corner and then a metal fastener placed in and viola, done! I used the Mail Cupid 902L and Fancy Love 1031G and you can find both on this page of our website.

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