Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Are you old enough to remember the Jello dessert 123? It was a mix and you poured it into dessert glasses and it would separate into three different layers. I loved it as a kid because it was so cool. This bead reminded me of that dessert so I named it 123 Sea Pod. If you're a glass peep, this is the perfect example of how fickle silver glass can be because I used the same glass for all the dots. This is Psyche. I placed all the dots on, reduced and then started on the center row first and topped all the dots in that row with clear. The center row turned a gorgeous periwinkle with lots of lavender, even thought the dots look mostly blue in the photograph. While keeping the bead warm I lost reduction on the side rows so I reduced again and then did the row on the left that turned aqua. I then warmed the entire bead up and went straight to the other side without reducing again and topped that with clear and got a fabulous purple. 123!


  1. YES -- I DO remember Jello 123!! Not many people do, so I felt compelled to post a comment. It was a magical, awesome dessert. Fun to watch Mom make it!

    Beautiful bead -- although I don't understand a bit of the technique (not a bead maker myself).

  2. Wasn't 123 just the best? It was my favorite dessert as a kid. Thanks for the compliment! If you ever become interested in bead making just let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

  3. i do remember jello 1-2-3. but it was not nearly as tasty, or beautiful, as your bead.

  4. Yeah, I remember Jello 123 in both red and orange flavour. Too bad they don't make it anymore as it was darned good.

  5. YES YES YES, I remember it. I don't know anyone else that remembers it (except my mom)!!!
    I recently ran up on a box of it! It's the orange variety and is unopened and the box looks like a new one! I wish they would bring it back on the market!


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