Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Aurae Photography

This set Modern Metallics, gave me such a headache! I tried photographing it in my usual studio lighting and the beads just looked icky. I tried outdoor lighting in the shade....yuck. I then tried natural daylight but indoors. I went from room to room in our house photographing these beads and facing all different directions and I was ready to just drop it all together. Then I tried photographing them in the bathroom and...success! I think the diffuse lighting coming from the frosted privacy windows did the trick. The photograph looks just like the beads look in person. Only took me a couple hours...


  1. It may have taken some time to photograph, but the results are spectacular! Beautiful set of beads! :D

  2. Beautiful bracelet, Amy, and the photography is, as always, ace. Do you happen to use a light box for your jewelry photography? It looks very professional.

    I've been a photographer for years, but only recently discovered light boxes. I've always wondered how they get such beautiful pictures of jewelry in advertistements--no shadows or flash reflections. Now I know why--they use light boxes! I made my own light box and now I can take professional-looking pictures, too. In fact, I got so good at making light boxes that I recently gave a demonstration to a group of photographers, as well as passed out brochures I had designed, showing step-by-step instructions.

    Anyway, it's obvious you know what you're doing. Both your jewelry and your photography are excellent!

  3. Sherrie, I'm actually totally clueless when it comes to photography. It's all been trial and error. Just when I had my photography down they come out with this new type of glass that is near impossible to photograph. Nope, I don't use a light box at all because I've been way to lazy to make my own and way to stingy to buy one. I've found that the bathroom is my magical place to photograph. Usually I photograph at night using the big bathroom light/fan as my lighting source. This new glass requires natural daylight though to show it best.

  4. I think you're modest, Amy. You're doing something right. Your photos are excellent.

    Don't even consider buying a light box if you ever decide to use one! They are ridiculously expensive. You can make one with a cardboard box and some white butcher paper. I just posted a blog on how to make one. Dead simple.

  5. Oops. Forgot to sign my name to the above post. Sometimes Blogger lets me use my Blogger name (News From the Holmestead) and sometimes it won't. Sorry 'bout that! ~Sherrie Holmes

  6. Wonderful lampwork beads...the whole process for make these beauties fascinates me!!!

    Your photos are very good...but I hear you about taking photos...I'm absolutely terrible, I purchased a light box and my photos are still terrible...

  7. AID, I'm sooo not an expert on photography so for me it was trying all the different settings and lighting. If you could see some of my first bead photography you would get a really good laugh!


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