Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alligator Shoes

This is my current set of beads on eBay called Alligator Shoes. This set was made with Terranova 2.1. After complaining that I wasn't thrilled with this new version of Terranova, I came to really like it while making this set. I got a much wider range of colors so even though it's darker for me than 2.0, I'm liking all the different colors going on.

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  1. Beautiful beads, Amy! You do such nice work, and your photos are always so crisp and clear.

    Why do they call them "lampwork" beads? I'm not into beading, so I am not familiar with all the terms. I've always wondered where the "lampwork" came from.

    Happy Independence Day, Amy! A good day to fire up the BBQ and pig out! But also a good day to remember the true meaning of Independence Day and to be grateful for the freedom we have.


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