Saturday, June 20, 2009

Home Grown Garlic

Ahhhh.....garlic! I just love it. I go through garlic like crazy. This is some home grown garlic from our neighbor's garden. Isn't this baby HUGE? Should last me a! If you've never had fresh garlic, and I mean fresh from a garden, you are really missing out. It's fabulous. Totally worth adding it to your garden. Wally has planted some that the neighbor gave us but I think it's has a few more months to go before it's ready. Dinner tonight is BBQ'd salmon, home grown zuchinni with lots of garlic and risotto with mushrooms and garlic. No, you can't come over for dinner. :)


  1. Amy, that looks like elephant garlic (aptly named, eh?). Elephant garlic is milder than regular garlic, so you can use more. I don't grow garlic, as my sister gives me all the elephant garlic I can use.

    Your dinner sounds fabulous! Invite or not, if I were your neighbor I think I'd just have to accidentally drop by at dinner time, looking forlorn and hungry. *g*

  2. Actually I don't think it's elephant garlic but I'll have to double check with her. Last year the garlic was normal size and she planted more off of that. This year it got much bigger.

    Dinner was fabulous and it's all gone....too late!

  3. I have your answer Sherrie, it's Italian garlic.

  4. I won't comment on the Garlic, Not my favorite! But your beads I have always admired. I always know if they are yours or not by your style!

    David E Ricketts

  5. Thank you David, I appreciate that!


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