Monday, April 6, 2009


I got a special request from a customer to make a light pink bead and a fuchsia bead for her Pandora bracelet. Fuchsia is easy to get with Rubino but a light pink usually isn't. I'm always disappointed when I cover Effetre Dark Pink with clear because it's so pale. So I experimented with Rubino and I got a gorgeous pale pink that is so much prettier than this picture. If you baby Rubino by working it cool you'll get fuchsia. So instead I worked it just like I would any other color. As I put down each dot, the base was clear and the peak was pink. I melted all the Rubino in and it blushed back up to a medium pink but I wanted it lighter still. So I covered each dot of Rubino with clear....and melted that all the way in. Then I covered each dot with clear again and melted that half way in. The double layer of clear really lightens up the Rubino and what I got was a light bubble gum pink. The base the Rubino is on is Silver Pink instead of Ivory too. The Silver Pink still looks like Ivory but it plays nice with the Rubino, unlike Ivory.


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