Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gardening Nun

Diana from AZ emailed me this gorgeous artwork using our Gardening Nun and I just had to share what she wrote to me:

"I've had a stamp of a cloister made by Sparkle 'n' Sprinkle for the longest time...the drawing was actually done by a cloistered nun in Florida. It's a beautiful stamp, but the entire left side was taken up by a very shapeless tree. There was no detail, so it was very hard to color. When I saw your new "gardening nun" stamp, I ordered it right away so I could put her in the cloister garden. She arrived last week, along with another bunch of Beeswax stamps, and we took to each other right away. However that shapeless tree began to bother me something awful, so after having a conference with my new gardening nun stamp, we decided the tree had to be cut down and replaced with a wall and part of a tree from PSX."

Isn't this just fabulous and the colors are wonderful!


  1. This is an absolutely beautiful scene!. Do you
    know what she used to color her scene with,
    it is gorgeous!!!!!
    P.s. the birdies are cute, I don't know what kind
    they are either!!
    See you at the Show in Arlington, Texas in June
    I hope you will be there!!
    Jackie Cole


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