Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Night Camera Fun

Just for fun we bought a infrared night camera. Wally found a large hole in the ground that looked like some kind of animal den so he pointed it on that and mounted it on a tree. It's a skunk home. I adore skunks! This picture is actually from the very beginning of a 15 second video. I just played it and then did a screen shot to capture a still frame. We'll move the camera around and see what we get. There's been sightings of a black panther in the area and last summer Wally and I saw a mountain lion at dusk on the property next to us. Hopefully we can get some cool pictures.


  1. Amy, every April during breeding season skunks would set up camp in the crawl space under my house and have nightly trysts. It was bad enough listening to the girl skunks moaning in ecstasy, or being awakened by the thumping of the boy skunk's back against the floor joists as he went to town on a willing female, but the worst was the smell. The house reeked for weeks and all my clothes smelled like skunk. It was horrible. Finally filled a squirt bottle with cooking oil to which I'd added cayenne pepper. Squirted it around the opening where they were getting under the house, the theory being that when they walked in it and tried to lick the oil off their feet, they'd get a dose of hot cayenne pepper. Then I stuck a radio under the house and turned it up to burst-your-eardrum level and turned it to a heavy metal station. And finally, because skunks are nocturnal, I took a photographer's light bar, loaded it with 100 watt bulbs, and stuck that under the house. They finally decided to go someplace else, thank goodness, and haven't been back. But for about 5 years I suffered skunk invasions every April.

    I want an infrared camera like yours! I live in the country and we have bears, deer, cougars, bobcats, racoons, coyotes, and other critters.

  2. That's funny Sherrie! I actually wish they would nest on our property. A week or so ago we were awakened by an awful squealing. We had no idea what kind of animal was making this noise and then we smelled skunk. Wally ran and turned the outside lights on only to find two skunks. I can only imagine that a coyote or cat was after them but they took care of it! I actually kinda like the smell.....don't tell anyone! LOL! But that's when I told Wally to go ahead and get the camera already. :)


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