Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Glass Forum

I plagiarized the paragraph below from Twiggy. (LOL! Thanks Twiggy!)

" is a forum for lampworkers and jewelry designers to discuss everything business oriented. Subjects from selling online and offline, ethics, and a tips section are available. The forum is new, come ask a question, make a statement, or post pictures of your newest items. There are no vendors on the site except as fellow business colleagues, so it is a fresh pressure free atmosphere to explore the many facets of business that artists face."'s a new forum more based on serious business discussions without the annoyance of derailing with cheese curds and kilt porn. Twiggy said it better.

I absolutely hate making twisties and I rarely do it. Too much work, too much time. Half the time they turn out an icky color combo and the bead made with them is fugly. Occasionally there is an exception and this bead is it. Of course I have no idea what glass I used to make the twistie.

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