Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clio over Ekho

I still have a lot of layered Clio beads to photographed but I think these may be my favorite. Both are Clio over Ekho. Depending on what Ekho decides to do, determines the color of the bead. You know how silver glass tends to have a mind of it's own. In many cases it ends up being a good thing. The first bead is multicolored with green, pink and lavender. The second bead is more deep amber, burgundy and purple. I just put down some Ekho, struck and reduced it and covered it with Clio. Then I did my webbing technique, did a light reduction and encased. I can't seem to put the Clio down! Very cool glass.


  1. I love all the colors that you got. So beautiful and I bet they even look better in person.
    Great work

  2. I just started trying the storming ,from the tutorial but I have looked all over and cannot find the Clio any where.

  3. Clio is a Double Helix color. However, what I used for all of these beads was CL360 and not actual Clio. DH told us all that the Clio formula was the exact same as the test lot CL360, but later changed that and said it wasn't exactly the same. Once I got the real Clio I couldn't get it to web like the odd lot CL360. Here's the link for Clio:
    Notice the URL has "CL360" in it? So just an FYI, you may not get the nice webbing with the real Clio. Instead you may want to try Aurea light:

  4. I guess that I did not read that the regular cl did not web so I have been used up a lot of the
    cl they just look milky . Oh well!!I am going to try to web some other colors. I really love the storming and am going to do more ,but reaqlly want to get something to web

  5. Aurea webs really well. If you have an Aurea Light it also webs well and doesn't really have much color so it's great to layer over other glass.


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