Thursday, October 22, 2009

New Olympia Rain

For those of you that are storming, I thought you might like to see what the new version of Olympia Rain can also do. The new version of OR tends to start turning translucent when worked in the flame for a period of time. It can also go opaque when worked longer. You can stop this from happening by covering it with clear like I do in the Taking Reduction Glass by Storm Tutorial. The layer of clear acts as an insulater. But you can also take that little quirk and use it to your advantage. These two sets use lightly stormed OR and they were not topped with clear. I left the OR slightly raised. The top set is lightly stormed OR over ASK Silver Cinnamon and the bottom set is lightly stormed OR over reduced Nyx. The time it takes to add the Dark Ivory accent dots is just enough time to let the OR turn translucent. And the beads were worked in a neutral flame the entire time....except of course when I reduced the Nyx. The OR also color shifts and has a shimmery sheen to it which doesn't show well in photos. These dots have a very opalesque look to them that I really love. Of course there is no storm showing, but lightly storming the OR just helps to start the shift to translucency.

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  1. gorgeous beads Amy..
    have a wonderful weekend
    mona & the girls


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