Sunday, May 10, 2009

Paint Splatter

Here's another set on eBay done with Terranova2. I'm simply amazed at all the different colors, striations and patterns that you can get with this glass. I heated the glass up to the point that I had a hard time keeping it on the mandrel. As I was heating it I could see the striations form on the surface. I kept heating until it separated so much that I also got little "blobs" along with the striations. I then pulled it out of the flame and kept rotating the bead as it cooled. In the mean time, I heated up my rod of clear. As soon as the TNT turned a light brown I put it in the back of the flame until it turned a dark red brown and then encased. I had no problems with it restriking or lightening while I was melting in the clear and shaping. If you haven't tried this glass are missing out!

You can see my auction here: Paint Splatter


  1. Lovely colors! Another glass I've 'got' to try- oh man.....

  2. I'm really more of a reduction glass kinda gal so if I can get these colors out of TNT...anyone can.

  3. Gorgeous beads, Amy! I gave a start when I saw "Terranova2." Terranova is the name of my place: Terranova Farm. *g*


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