Friday, February 20, 2009

Tax Time.

Wally is off to do the San Jose show. I usually try and use the quiet time when he's gone to get taxes done but I just don't feel like it. I'm hoping to at least tackle half of it over the next two days but I can think of tons of other stuff to do that would be just a bit more fun. Even something like cleaning out the entire garage sounds like a blast compared to doing taxes.

Here's some more art from Karen of IL. A great scene using our Castle on Water Large 90N, Cat Princess 484K and Sitting on Bench 453I. I'm not sure what company's grass Karen used but we have a bunch of different grass stamps here.

I think I'm going to try turning the comment moderation off and see what happens. If I get spammed I'll turn it back on.

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  1. What a pretty card! Lovely use of color. I enjoy combining various stamps to make a scene. It often takes hours and hours to come up with the perfect scene (plus lots of wasted card stock!) ~Sherrie Holmes


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