Friday, December 26, 2008

Giving this a try...

I thought I would give this site a try as a blog host instead of having it on my website. This way the blog can be interactive so we'll see how this goes.

This is one of my Sea Pod pendants and I gave it to my SIL as a thank you for having both Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. All that cooking and cleaning is a ton of work so I wanted to show my appreciation. I think she liked it!

I'm always glad when Christmas is over and the best part is no more Christmas music on my radio station. That was getting painful.


  1. Amy, your pendant is gorgeous. Your SIL is lucky!

    I'm looking forward to reading your blog here, and hope you continue posting more pictures of your new shop and the 'dorables. Your pictures are always so lovely, and you take pictures of unusual things--insects, cattle, cats in unusual poses, etc. A feast for the eyes.

    I have a new camera and have been taking pictures like crazy of the several snowstorms we've had up here in Washington State. Will post them on Flickr when I have time. IN the meantime, I look forward to reading your own blog and seeing your pretty pictures. P.S. I made a lot of Christmas cards using Beeswax rubber!

  2. The pendant is beautiful. However, I'm still enjoying Christmas and the music on my radio. I celebrate at least until Epiphany! I'm looking forward to reading your blog!

  3. Sherrie,
    Thanks for all the nice comments! And I love hearing that you used Beeswax stamps for your Christmas cards! Don't worry....there will always be lots of pictures here. Artists are visual people so I always like to give you all something to look at.

    Thanks for the compliment Katreader!

  4. Hello and welcome to blogger.
    I have been missing a comment function on your old/other blog :)
    I am sure she liked it, it is a lovely piece. I have been contemplating fixing myself up with a bracelet, just so I could get some of your wonderful beads to wear. Eventually I will :)


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